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Gnome & Creative Commons integration

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I have created a wiki page at Creative Commons about how to achieve the Gnome and Creative Commons licenses integration.

It’s just a draft, but I think it’s a good starting point to aim for it. I have sent a mail to Gnome’s desktop-devel-list to announce it.

I hope it is a useful act to spread Creative Commons ideas.

Patch rejected

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My first gnome-love patch was rejected (well, actually I wrote 2 patches for this bug). It seems that the way I implement it wasn’t the right way of doing it. It was my fault, because the bug was opened on 2004 and I didn’t ask the dev list how to fix it before coding.

I’m a little bit disappointed because I spent many hours on it, but I’ve learned from my mistake.

Maybe next time.

I’m preparing a bug fix release of my RAE’s dictionary deskbar-applet handler with accents support (for the ones who have problems with them, because it works nice for me) and with bad-typed words correction.


CC license viewer positive comments

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I have received some positive comments about my CC license viewer extension for Epiphany, like the one from Luis Villa and the ones received on my blog’s comments. Thanks for your comments and impressions.

I also received greetings from the Creative Commons crew. They encouraged me to add my extension to their Browser plugins wiki page and they even made a wiki page only for my extension. Thanks guys!

They have offered me to migrate my extension to their Source Forge‘s project and I agreed because a blog is not the right place to manage releases and patches.

I’ll announce here the place where the new releases will me made as soon as I’m included in their Sourceforge’s project.

RAE’s dictionary handler for deskbar-applet

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As I promised, I’ve written a handler for deskbar-applet (extensions are called handlers in deskbar-applet). It’s written in Python and it just took me a couple of hours.

It is very simple: you just type a word in deskbar-applet, then you choose to look it up in RAE’s dictionary and the definition appears on your favourite browser. RAE means “Real Academia Española de la lengua”, the maximum Spanish language authority.

It can be downloaded from here.

A couple of screenshots:

Rae handler1

Rae handler2

To install it:

  • Download it
  • Untar the downloaded file: tar xvfz rae.tar.gz
  • Copy it to your deskbar-applet handlers directory: cp rae.py $HOME/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers
  • Restart deskbar-applet
  • Go to the “Preferences” menu and load the handler by clicking on the checkbox next to “RAE’s dictionary”
  • Start Looking up words

I have added bug #349075 to bugzilla as an enhancement with my handler and I’ve included it in the “Extending the DeskbarApplet” web.


Creative Commons license viewer 0.2

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I finally release the next version of my epiphany extension. Things fixed:

  • Installation bug fixed: No separate image file is needed!
  • Internationalization support

Looking for a solution to the image installation problem, I tried to check for its path and it worked. But then, I found a better solution looking at other extension: inline images. I think this idea is great! You just have to use gdk-pixbuf-csource –raw image.gif on the shell to generate the inline image, add it to a variable inside your code and call gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_inline(data_length, data, copy_pixels) to load it.

Installation instructions:

      Download it.
      Write tar xvfz cc-license-viewer.tar.gz on the shell to extract it.
      Copy the extracted files to .gnome2/epiphany/extensions in your home directory.
      Open epiphany and load the extension using the Tools->Extensions menu.
      A “CC” icon will appear in the statusbar everytime you visit a website under a Creative Commons license.

I have mailed the Creative Commons staff to tell them about my extension and to ask if they can add it to their browser plugins site 😀 .

I’m planning to code a new extension, but this time for Deskbar-applet. News coming soon…


Bug #137800 again

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Today I fixed some things that were wrong with my previous patch for the Bug #137800. I hope that with this new changes, it will be included in the next gossip release.

No screenshots this time because the changes made are not visible 😛

I’m planning a review of my Creative Commons License plugin for Epiphany before telling Creative Commons community about it.


Epiphany extension: Creative Commons license viewer

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I have been learning Python for 2 weeks using this book:

Beginning Python

I have always loved C, but now I’m beginning to understand why people use Python nowadays. It is very easy to learn and it is thought to avoid a lot of common programming mistakes that appear using other programming languages. Development using Python is very fast and you can have a running GTK application in just a few hours.

After studying it, I wanted to try it on Gnome, so I read PyGtk documentation. I decided to start by coding an extension for Epiphany, the Gnome web browser. I decided to do it because it seems to be far more easy to code an extension than to create a new application for my first Python contact. Looking for ideas for my extension, I read the Google Summer of Code ideas. I have always liked the Creative Commons initiative, so I decided to code an extension that detects websites licensed under a Creative Commons license and shows an icon on the statusbar to notify the user. When the user click on that icon, a new tab is opened and shows the license to the user.

Here are some screenshots of the extension in action:

License detected:

Creative Commons license of the web:

The extension can be downloaded from here. You have to copy the file in $HOME/.gnome2/epiphany/extensions/ . Due to my lack of experience, there are some “hacky” things in the extension. You have to copy the gif file to your home directory to see the icon properly.

Enjoy it!


Planeta Gnome Hispano inclusion

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My blog has been added to Planeta Gnome Hispano, so I would like to greet all the people there. Thanks to Carlos García Campos for adding my blog to the planet.

I have read its feeds for a long time and now I can’t believe that my feed is there too! 🙂 .

I hope my blog will contribute to the Gnome community and people will enjoy it.

I haven’t made my hackergotchi yet, but I promise you I will made it soon.


My first gnome-love bug patch

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Hi again:

Yesterday I began to work on the gnome-love bug #137800. I wrote a patch that works, but it needs more love.

There are some things to fix yet:

  • Initialization of gconf keys with default values set to “Available”
  • Internationalization of the strings
  • Modify the documentation to describe this new feature

Here is the mandatory screenshot:

The screeshot has Spanish and English strings mixed up, but notice that the bug isn’t closed 🙂

First entry

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Hi! This is the first entry of my blog!

Although I’m Spanish, I’ve decided to write it in English to improve my English and to let everybody read it.

I’m going to write about computers, programming, my hobbies and all the important things that happen to me.

That’s all for my first post.

See you soon!

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