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Epiphany extension: Creative Commons license viewer

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I have been learning Python for 2 weeks using this book:

Beginning Python

I have always loved C, but now I’m beginning to understand why people use Python nowadays. It is very easy to learn and it is thought to avoid a lot of common programming mistakes that appear using other programming languages. Development using Python is very fast and you can have a running GTK application in just a few hours.

After studying it, I wanted to try it on Gnome, so I read PyGtk documentation. I decided to start by coding an extension for Epiphany, the Gnome web browser. I decided to do it because it seems to be far more easy to code an extension than to create a new application for my first Python contact. Looking for ideas for my extension, I read the Google Summer of Code ideas. I have always liked the Creative Commons initiative, so I decided to code an extension that detects websites licensed under a Creative Commons license and shows an icon on the statusbar to notify the user. When the user click on that icon, a new tab is opened and shows the license to the user.

Here are some screenshots of the extension in action:

License detected:

Creative Commons license of the web:

The extension can be downloaded from here. You have to copy the file in $HOME/.gnome2/epiphany/extensions/ . Due to my lack of experience, there are some “hacky” things in the extension. You have to copy the gif file to your home directory to see the icon properly.

Enjoy it!

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  1. This blog rocks, but…

    Those screenshots are a little bit ugly, aren’t they? Oh, it’s gnome…


    I think you don’t longer wonder who am I… xD

    I already included the Creative Commons metadata (“beis of data”) in mi webpeich. 😉

    Death Master – http://www.death-master.tk/

    Comment by Anonymous — 23/07/2006 @ 12:29

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