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Creative Commons license viewer 0.2

Filed under: GNOME, Python — acidborg @ 02:15

I finally release the next version of my epiphany extension. Things fixed:

  • Installation bug fixed: No separate image file is needed!
  • Internationalization support

Looking for a solution to the image installation problem, I tried to check for its path and it worked. But then, I found a better solution looking at other extension: inline images. I think this idea is great! You just have to use gdk-pixbuf-csource –raw image.gif on the shell to generate the inline image, add it to a variable inside your code and call gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_inline(data_length, data, copy_pixels) to load it.

Installation instructions:

      Download it.
      Write tar xvfz cc-license-viewer.tar.gz on the shell to extract it.
      Copy the extracted files to .gnome2/epiphany/extensions in your home directory.
      Open epiphany and load the extension using the Tools->Extensions menu.
      A “CC” icon will appear in the statusbar everytime you visit a website under a Creative Commons license.

I have mailed the Creative Commons staff to tell them about my extension and to ask if they can add it to their browser plugins site 😀 .

I’m planning to code a new extension, but this time for Deskbar-applet. News coming soon…


  1. Congratulations

    It seems that the extension has been added here:

    Dí que te gusta. 😀

    Comment by Anonymous — 25/07/2006 @ 14:36

  2. awesome!

    This is awesome! Should totally be part of the next official epiphany plugins release.

    Comment by Anonymous — 27/07/2006 @ 01:55

  3. problems with the package that wiki.CC links to

    The package that wiki.creativecommons.org links to has an error with the .ephy-extension file. It looks like its the make file for it and not the actual file. You may want to fix that.

    Comment by Anonymous — 07/02/2007 @ 14:33

    • Re: problems with the package that wiki.CC links to

      It has already been fixed.

      Thanks for your bug report.

      I hope you enjoy my extension 🙂

      Comment by acidborg — 08/02/2007 @ 17:11

      • 😦 I’m happy to report that the assertion bug has been fixed in Ogre 1. 4. 2. 🙂 I haven’t tried it personally though, since it has always worked for me.

        Comment by victoriahuder — 16/07/2008 @ 21:43

  4. Good picture at end

    jaja, in your faculty you can hear about hacker culture, but in ours only can it if come hear somebody who were in this “movida” like Ian Murdock (who uses ubuntu (and not debian), jajajaj) or another people in “ateneo del CPS“.
    With this comment I’m sure I’m leaving the anonimate for you :p

    Comment by Anonymous — 06/03/2007 @ 01:31

  5. PS3

    Excellent! This means that you can share your Rhythmbox playlists with your Playstation3

    Comment by Anonymous — 25/05/2007 @ 20:34

  6. #hostname – the best site !

    textoplano.livejournal.com – The most necessary site

    I like your fine site – textoplano.livejournal.com .
    Thank for your work for us!
    Thank you, I will add it to my bookmarks

    Best Regards


    Comment by Anonymous — 31/07/2007 @ 18:53

  7. Awesome

    Just it, awesome. 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous — 03/10/2007 @ 09:28

    • License of the extension


      I would like to know what’s the license cc-license-viewer is released under.


      Comment by Anonymous — 20/01/2008 @ 20:16

  8. Re: License of the extension

    GPL 2 or above

    Comment by acidborg — 20/01/2008 @ 20:33

    • Re: License of the extension


      Comment by Anonymous — 21/01/2008 @ 10:31

  9. Hello all I’m new here !

    Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
    Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !

    Comment by Anonymous — 17/03/2008 @ 15:36

  10. Wow!

    One-line comment for a non-one-line post. 😀

    Comment by Anonymous — 20/03/2008 @ 11:22

  11. This book is one of my favourites!!!


    Comment by Anonymous — 27/04/2008 @ 20:55

  12. 2.6.24 patch

    Thanks Jaime,

    The patch worked on Slack-ware 12.1 with no problems.
    I thought that maybe I would be buying a new cam,
    but this gives the old one new life.

    A good How-to.

    Ken P

    Comment by Anonymous — 19/05/2008 @ 21:05

  13. Ubuntu forever

    I made someone to change to this wonderful operating system and now I feel part of the community.


    Comment by Anonymous — 06/06/2009 @ 09:05

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