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First post about the Final Project for my major

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Holidays ended unexpectedly and now it’s time to look beyond the summer. I’ve started the Final Project for my major or “Proyecto Final de Carrera (PFC)” here in Spain. It consist of the migration of the Complutense‘s computer network from IPv4 to IPv6. It’s a 3-people project, so I hope we will do a great job.

I don’t know the limitations of the project yet, because it will be mainly theoretical, but I hope we will be able to set up some LANs to test all the stuff we document.

I will explain more about the project as soon as the limitations are set and the task are distributed.



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Well, tomorrow I’m going to Santiago de Compostela by train (a 7,5 hours journey). Maybe I will make the most of the journey and I will finish reading the book I’m using to learn how IPv6 works for my dissertation:

IPv6 essentials

I will return by the end of this month and I will start working on my dissertation. I don’t know if I will be able to connect to the Internet, so if anyone wants to get in touch with me, just make me a phone call 😉

See you soon and enjoy the summer.


Brand new version of CC Search handler for deskbar-applet

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I wasn’t happy with the CC Search handler I coded for deskbar-applet. It showed 3 handlers instead of only one, so I worked on adding a preferences dialog to choose the kind of content to search for (webs or images). It also allows to choose the kind of license to look for.

Here are some screenshots:

CC Search v0.2

CC Search v0.2 (Preferences dialog)

I think it’s more “Gnomish” and I prefer it that way 🙂

You can download it from here. I’ve moved all info about the installation to the CreativeCommons’ wiki so it can be found here.

Enjoy it!


Gnome-Creative Commons integration code repository

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I’ve created a code repository at google to upload all pieces of code (patches, plugins, etc) which are useful to the Gnome-Creative Commons integration. So far, I’ve uploaded my Epiphany cc-license viewer extension and my Deskbar-applet CC-search handler.

If you have any patch or piece of code which could be useful for the integration, send it to me (only GPL code accepted).


Creative Commons search handler for deskbar-applet

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I was bored this afternoon, so I coded a handler for deskbar-applet.

Mandatory screenshot:
cc-search handler in action

To install it:

  • Download it
  • Untar the downloaded file: tar xvfz cc-search.tar.gz
  • Copy it to your deskbar-applet handlers directory: cp cc-search.py cc.png $HOME/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers
  • Restart deskbar-applet
  • Go to the “Preferences” menu and load the handlers by clicking on the checkbox next to them
  • Start searching for CC licensed webs and images

This is a little part of the Gnome & Creative Commons integration project, but with little efforts like this, a complete integration would be managed soon.

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