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Playing with autotools

Filed under: GNOME — acidborg @ 00:53

I have started to work on a GTK-based GUI for tracker. It has no name yet, so ideas for the name are welcome 🙂 .

The problem appeared when I had to add new dependencies to the CVS sources. I have worked before with autotools before for a Bluetooth Manager prototype for the Google’s Summer of Code 2006.Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected 😦 .The problem was that I didn’t remember how to do it. IMHO configure.in is a hell and no one should ever have to deal with it.

So I had to read again the documentation and ask in IRC channels for help because I wanted to add a conditional dependency and that was different from the mandatory dependencies I have handled before.

Finally, I managed to do it and I sent a patch to Jamie McCracken (tracker’s main developer) to add it to the CVS version. I hope it will be included soon, so the GTK-based GUI is on the way. It’s planned to be ready for the next Gnome module inclusion, but let’s see.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell that Epiphany Creative Commons license viewer is close to its inclusion in the next Epiphany-extension release. More news soon!


No free software contest for me this year

Filed under: Free Software — acidborg @ 14:03

I was thinking about taking part in the first university free software contest. I had already a half-designed project, but since I have already started my Final Project and I’m in my last year of my degree in computer science, I’ve thought it over and I’ve decided not to take part in it.

Contest banner

I encourage everybody interested in free software to take part in it (of course if they have time).

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