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Playing with autotools

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I have started to work on a GTK-based GUI for tracker. It has no name yet, so ideas for the name are welcome 🙂 .

The problem appeared when I had to add new dependencies to the CVS sources. I have worked before with autotools before for a Bluetooth Manager prototype for the Google’s Summer of Code 2006.Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected 😦 .The problem was that I didn’t remember how to do it. IMHO configure.in is a hell and no one should ever have to deal with it.

So I had to read again the documentation and ask in IRC channels for help because I wanted to add a conditional dependency and that was different from the mandatory dependencies I have handled before.

Finally, I managed to do it and I sent a patch to Jamie McCracken (tracker’s main developer) to add it to the CVS version. I hope it will be included soon, so the GTK-based GUI is on the way. It’s planned to be ready for the next Gnome module inclusion, but let’s see.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell that Epiphany Creative Commons license viewer is close to its inclusion in the next Epiphany-extension release. More news soon!

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