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CC license viewer included in Gnome 2.17

Filed under: GNOME, Python — acidborg @ 11:29

Yeah! Finally, CC license viewer has been included in the Gnome 2.17 release of epiphany-extensions. It has been reviewed and optimized by Jean-François Rameau (thank you again)

Here is the Changelog:

2006-10-10 Jean-François Rameau

* extensions/cc-license-viewer/cc-license-viewer.py:
* extensions/cc-license-viewer/cc-license-viewer.ephy-extension.in:

New extension. Shows the Creative Commons license of the current website if available.
Created by Jaime Frutos Morales

I feel so happy to contribute to the Gnome Community with my code 😀 .


Visiting the UCM’s Data Processing Center

Filed under: Studies — acidborg @ 13:32

Yesterday, as part of my Final Project for my major, we went to the UCM’s Data Processing Center to ask some questions about the UCM’s network. People there were very nice and considerate. They answered all our questions and even gave us more information than we expected, so we are very happy with the results of the visit.

Apart from that, they showed us their facilities. Personally, I got impressed with the supercomputers they have running there. We entered the room where all supercomputers and routing machines are. It’s very cold there because of the cooling needed. They also have different alarms with sensors for floods, fire, temperature and intrusion. The routing machines were huge wardrobes with thousands of wires connected. They even have a Google’s indexer machine there 🙂

I hope they will help us with our project giving us more information about the UCM’s network so that we can simulate it and test the IPv6 migration in the simulation process.

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