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DNS dual stack and Router Advertisement

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I haven’t blogged this week because I’ve been busy with many things. We have managed to get BIND to work dual stack, it is to said, with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. This wasn’t difficult, but it was a bit confusing the way BIND reads IPv6 addresses.

We managed to configure router advertisement as well with radvd. This was harder because we were advertising IPv4-compatible addresses (::IPv4 type) and that wasn’t allowed. It seems that it only advertises global scope /64 addresses, but I’m not sure if this is right or we are doing it wrong. More on this on future posts…

On Saturday, I’m driving to Santiago to visit my family & friends. Next Christmas I won’t go there, so I’m going 9 days now instead 🙂

I’m not going to blog for 10 days, so please be patient 😛 .See you soon!


We’re on the right way :-)

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Today we managed to make the DNS server (BIND 9) and the Apache web server run in our network simulation. YEAH!!!

It seems trivial, but it isn’t. Next targets are mail server and OpenVPN. Yes,we are on the right way…

Last but not least, I have learned today that fixing GTK-Perl code on an unmaintained CVS is NOT easy.

I’m back

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I’m back after solving my problems with my ADSL connection and my computer. I bought an AMD64 3800+ because my “old” AMD 2600+ died.

I’d like to thank my great friend Death Master for his hardware knowledge and time. I hope I’ll have more time to blog now 😛 .

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