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Python challenge

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Yesterday I found Python Challenge and it’s a real vice! I recommend it both for beginners and experts because there’s more than Python programming on each level 😛


At last I have my own Hackergotchi!

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Finally, I found some time to spend on this. I hope it will be included in Planet Gnome Hispano. It’s not too bad for my first Hackergotchi…

My own Hackergotchi

Marry Christmas!


Last day of 2006 at the university

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Today is the last day of this year I’m attending university classes. Tomorrow there will be classes too, but it’s the day that university students go party everywhere. “Botellón” it’s the most common party here, but there are indoor parties too.

Today’s most important fact is that we have had a Final Project meeting and we’re making progress, slowly but firmly. I just hope that Xmas holidays won’t be as unproductive as last year…


I hate traffic jams…

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I’m back from my “little” holidays in Galicia. I had to drive for 9 hours and a half, when usually the journey back only takes me 7 hours or less. The reason for this is that I was stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours and a half… I don’t think I will fancy driving for a long time 😦

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