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Setting up maemo SDK

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After many attemps, finally I achieved to set up the maemo SDK. It wasn’t easy because my Linux runs on an AMD64 and scratchbox (The cross-compilation toolkit used by maemo) doesn’t support x86_64 architecture, so I had to create a chrooted x86 environment to install scratchbox. I follow the instructions of this HOWTO and Nokia’s instructions and it works fine.

Mandatory screenshot of maemo SDK using ARM emulation:

Maemo SDK using ARM emulation


Nokia N800 coming soon…

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I’m one of the lucky developers who has won a 300€ discount to buy a Nokia N800 due to the Nokia Developer Device Program (so I will buy it for 99€ instead of 399€). I have already ordered mine, so in 3 days time I hope I will be playing with it 🙂 . It runs the Maemo platform (Linux & GTK+), in other words, the computer technologies I love!

As soon as I get used to the N800 and how to program it, I will start porting Gossip over Telepathy to the Maemo platform, but it will have to wait until I finish my February exams…

More about the Nokia N800 soon…


A bad day

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Today has been one of those days in which you shouldn’t have waken up. At morning, I arrived to the campus one hour late because of an incredible underground breakdown (In Spanish).

Then, we had problems testing OpenVPN in our IPv6 simulation due to some problems with the TUN/TAP device and afterwards with the certificates and cryptographic keys.

After that, I realized that a database conversion from Access to MySQL which a classmate had done didn’t fit the practice.

Last but not least, the meeting for the Final Project for my major wasn’t what I had expected it to be. There were (and there still are) many disagreements among the memebers of the team, so It hasn’t been as fruitful as it should have.

Maybe it’s time to go to bed and sleep instead of keep on working on things…


My first internet domain

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I know this isn’t new nor geekish, but I haven’t used it until yesterday and I like it so much 😉 . I have always wanted to be able to access my own computer when I’m not at home. In GNU/Linux (and I think that in Windows too but I haven’t test it yet) this is a very easy task.

You have to register in one of the web pages which provides dynamic DNS services for free. I have chosen DynDNS because there are many available GNU/Linux compatible clients.

Then you just have to install a client for your dynamic DNS service. I have installed ddclient because it’s the one DynDNS recommends for GNU/Linux. I had to change one line in the configuration file in order to make the client know that I’m behind a router at home. The configuration file may be something like this:

login=(your login)
password=(your password)
(your own domain)

After that, install a SSH server (or whichever server you want to run at home) and make sure that your servers and the ddclient are launched at boot time.

Finally, use NAT to redirect connections from the Internet to your own computer if you’re behind a router and enjoy your brand new free domain!


pyTagger – Tagging MP3 files

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Sometimes I look at my playlist and it’s ugly because MP3 tags are blank or incorrect. This is specially awful in Rhythmbox, which creates different artists and albums if the ID3 tags are in lowercase, uppercase or mixed. To fix this, I’ve coded a little python script this afternoon called pyTagger.

Now, I just have to run it being in the directory where the MP3s I want to tag are, choose between changing the artist and/or the album and enter its name. It just modifies all MP3 file’s ID3 tags with the artist and/or album I’ve just typed!. There are some MP3 files which it can’t modify due to dependencies issues, but it’s good enough for what I wanted.

You can download it from here. Enjoy it! 🙂


2007 is here!

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I wish you a happy new year 2007! Maybe this year we can achieve more thing like this one:

Eliminate DRM!
Protect your freedom!

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