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pyTagger – Tagging MP3 files

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Sometimes I look at my playlist and it’s ugly because MP3 tags are blank or incorrect. This is specially awful in Rhythmbox, which creates different artists and albums if the ID3 tags are in lowercase, uppercase or mixed. To fix this, I’ve coded a little python script this afternoon called pyTagger.

Now, I just have to run it being in the directory where the MP3s I want to tag are, choose between changing the artist and/or the album and enter its name. It just modifies all MP3 file’s ID3 tags with the artist and/or album I’ve just typed!. There are some MP3 files which it can’t modify due to dependencies issues, but it’s good enough for what I wanted.

You can download it from here. Enjoy it! 🙂


  1. Enhorabuena!

    enhorabuena. También he sido uno de los afortunados. Ahora con dos nokia, vas a tener que vender una. 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous — 13/11/2007 @ 22:23

  2. Bast*rd…

    I knew you’d do that when I least expected… 😛

    Comment by Anonymous — 30/01/2008 @ 20:02

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