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Nokia N800 coming soon…

Filed under: GNOME — acidborg @ 20:10

I’m one of the lucky developers who has won a 300€ discount to buy a Nokia N800 due to the Nokia Developer Device Program (so I will buy it for 99€ instead of 399€). I have already ordered mine, so in 3 days time I hope I will be playing with it 🙂 . It runs the Maemo platform (Linux & GTK+), in other words, the computer technologies I love!

As soon as I get used to the N800 and how to program it, I will start porting Gossip over Telepathy to the Maemo platform, but it will have to wait until I finish my February exams…

More about the Nokia N800 soon…


  1. I guess I completely misunderstood a previous post about this; I was really hoping gossip (on PCs) would soon be able to make video calls to the already built-in N800 “Internet call” app. Any idea on if that can ever happen? Or is that Internet call app just more proprietary Nokia bullshit? Assuming the latter, then I guess that is all the more reason to port Gossip to N800…

    Congrats on the developer discount!

    Comment by Anonymous — 24/01/2007 @ 10:19

    • About Gossip & Video calls

      Gossip has now a telepathy backend (svn repository), so it will be able to connect to all IM networks that Telepathy supports. Telepathy also supports (or it’s in progress) video calls. So, my idea is to port Gossip to Maemo to support all these features. I don’t know whether this features are already part of Nokia’s N800 software, but I like the way Gossip works and I would like to have it running in my N800 😉

      I hope I have answered your questions.

      Comment by acidborg — 24/01/2007 @ 10:44

  2. Congratulations!

    Ohh, new nokia developer… and maemo uses GTK! this means that it runs gnome??.
    Good luck in your exams! I start it at friday (I need the luck too…) :p

    Comment by Anonymous — 24/01/2007 @ 10:23

    • Re: Congratulations!

      It uses many of the Gnome libraries (Gconf, GnomeVFS,etc…), but there are others which aren’t supported (libgnome, libgnomeui,etc…). That’s why I said that uses GTK (an optimized version of GTK 2.6). It uses customized widgets from the Hildon libraries too.

      Comment by acidborg — 24/01/2007 @ 10:47

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