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UPnP plugin for Rhythmbox

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Lately, I’ve been listening to MP3 files via UPnP on my N800. Unfortunately, I have to run an UPnP media server on my PC, choose the music directories to share and wait for the files to be loaded into the UPnP shared library (this takes a long time if you have many days of music stored in your HD).

Although there are good media servers out there (Ushare, Gmediaserver, Fuppes, etc), I don’t want to use them for this task, because I already have my music library created inside Rhythmbox. Because of that, I’ve started coding an UPnP plugin for Rhythmbox based on libupnp.

It will be similar to the DAAP plugin, but using UPnP Protocol instead. I’ve already done the “create media server” and “destroy media server” part, but it doesn’t share any music yet.

I hope that starting so many projects recently doesn’t mean that they will be left unfinished… Let’s see.

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  1. Toma nota…

    Estoy contigo hasta el final, Linchy virinchy. The Malabar brother’s in the holiday. Por hoy…..

    Comment by Anonymous — 25/02/2007 @ 18:13

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