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My first IPv6 talk

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Today, we had a meeting with the University’s Data Center staff.

First, I gave a talk about IPv6 and I showed them our plan about IPv6 deployment on the University’s network. It was my first talk outside the faculty and it turned out to be better than I expected. Then, my friend Alberto showed them our simulation of the University’s network using VNUML, a network simulation program based on User-Mode Linux.

They seemed quite interested in both the idea of IPv6 deployment and our simulation, so they asked us some interesting questions about them. As always, money and time are the main difficulties in this kind of deployments, so they told us that, before starting, they have to estimate how much money it would cost (due to the new hardware required) and how much money the University can afford to spend on it. They also tell us that this won’t be done before Summer due to some priority projects.

Although these last two things could sound discouraging, they asked us some questions that we didn’t expect to hear, like how far we had planned to go with our project, what were our next steps and whether we will be willing to explain them more advanced concepts about IPv6 and about our simulation and how to use it after the Summer. We agreed to keep in touch and see what comes next.

To sum up, I’m very happy with the result of the meeting 😀


IPv6 tunneling

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Yesterday, I asked for an IPv6 tunnel to SixXS, an IPv6 tunnel broker.

They are very quick and efficient approving tunneling petitions, so today my tunnel was accepted and I could use it to test some IPv6 services. They have a program called AICCU that configures the tunnel automatically (it just needs the username and password).

So far, the connection has been excellent, so I recommend you this tunnel broker for your IPv6 experience.


Writing, writing

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I’ve already started writing the report of the Final Project for my major.

I’ve almost complete the IPv6 theory chapter and I’ll soon start writing the chapter about my University’s network case study.

In two weeks time, we’ll have a meeting with my University’s Data Center to show them our work and our plans for IPv6 deployment on the University’s network.

Let’s see whether they are interested or not…

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