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Spam on comments

Filed under: Blog — acidborg @ 00:02

Due to the great amount of spam on this blog’s comments and after a global clean up, I’ve decided to filter the comments before publishing them. This doesn’t mean any kind of censorship on the comments’ content, just a human-based spam filter.

I’m not very happy about this measure, but the lack of a proper captcha system to filter spam on comments in Livejournal leaves me no choice 😦


Always UTF-8

Filed under: Shell scripting — acidborg @ 21:24

Today, fed up with having to convert all subtitle files from ISO-8859-15 to UTF-8, I’ve coded a simple bash script to do it for me. It can be downloaded from here (GPLv3 licensed).

It uses iconv to make the conversion. The input and output encodings aren’t hard-typed, so if you need to make different encoding conversions, just change that values.

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