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Ubuntu upgrade

Filed under: Ubuntu — acidborg @ 21:48

Yesterday, I upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex). It went smoothly and I found no problem in the process. IMHO, the best new features are nautilus improvements, although I found a much better Deskbar applet which has become essential on my desktop.

Give it a try!


Studies upgrade

Filed under: Studies — acidborg @ 10:32

After my holidays in Ireland, I finally found some time to post on my forgotten blog.

I finished the “Master in advanced networking and multimedia contents” (in Spanish) and next month I’m starting a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (in Spanish). I’m very excited about it, although I know it will be a hard task to achieve.

Next week, I’m reviewing all my IA university notes and maybe some courses from MIT’s OpenCourseware.

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