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Learning Scheme

Filed under: Studies — acidborg @ 21:53

I’m learning Scheme because it’s the programming language chosen for my subject on Machine learning.

It’s a bit difficult to change the way you think and program when you are used to other programming languages like C or Python, but thanks to my prior knowledge of Haskell, I’m finishing all the exercises on time.

If anyone is interested in learning Scheme, here is the quick introduction I’m using: Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days.


Some books

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I recently finished a couple of books and I would like to recommend them. The first one is “The Labyrinth of the Olives” by Eduardo Mendoza. It has the same main character as The Mystery of the Bewitched Crypt and, for me, it’s funnier too.

The other one is “Mala vida” by Carles Quílez (in Spanish). I didn’t want to translate “Mala vida” because it’s a Spanish term meaning something like “a life of crime”, but with a marginality background. It surprised me a lot, because I thought it would be boring and full of clichés, but it isn’t. It’s quite different from other detective stories, because the stories are real and they are written in first-person.


Paypal & Wikipedia

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I finally have a PayPal account. I’m a bit distrustful about it, but I wanted to donate some money to the Wikipedia Fundraising Campaign, so I found a proper reason to get an account.

I donated 10€. It’s not a big amount of money, but it’s my little contribution to the project and a way to thank all the people who make it possible.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

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