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Opensolaris & ZFS

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Lately, I’ve been trying out OpenSolaris 8.11 using the latest version of VirtualBox. Although it runs more slowly than other operating systems on VirtualBox, it was nice to see ZFS in action. Its integration into Nautilus is great! (screenshots here).

Tip: run “sudo pkgadd -d /media/VBOXADDITIONS*/VBoxSolarisAdditions.pkg” to install VirtualBox’s Guest Additions after mounting the disk image containing them.


A popular science book

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Yesterday, I finished reading a popular science book called “Matemática, ¿estás ahí?” (“Maths, are you there?”) by Adrián Paenza, an Argentinian mathematician. It’s very interesting and enjoyable, although a bit “basic” for people who have studied Maths at university. However, sometimes it’s good to read things that you already know to understand and remember them better.

You can download it for free from here (Spanish edition).

Title page

There are another 3 books by Adrian Paenza which are very similar to this one and can also be downloaded for free from these webs: one, two and three (all of them are in Spanish).



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Although I’m not the social network type, I’ve become a member of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site based on the six degrees of separation idea. I was quite surprised of finding lots of classmates, teachers and workmates there. I even got my first contact (a former classmate) on my first day!.

I hope it will help me to keep in touch with them and maybe to receive job offers when needed. You can view my profile here (only in Spanish, so far) :


Happy New Year!

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I wish everybody a Happy New Year! I won’t make any prediction for this new year, but I think it will be a great year.

One of the first things I’m planning to do in 2009 is buying a new PC, because my computer is dying slowly…

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