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A popular science book

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Yesterday, I finished reading a popular science book called “Matemática, ¿estás ahí?” (“Maths, are you there?”) by Adrián Paenza, an Argentinian mathematician. It’s very interesting and enjoyable, although a bit “basic” for people who have studied Maths at university. However, sometimes it’s good to read things that you already know to understand and remember them better.

You can download it for free from here (Spanish edition).

Title page

There are another 3 books by Adrian Paenza which are very similar to this one and can also be downloaded for free from these webs: one, two and three (all of them are in Spanish).

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  1. It works!

    There’s some interesting things in this book, like some little mental plays enjoyable.

    Comment by Anonymous — 16/01/2009 @ 09:49

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