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Book Review: Samba 3 by Example

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Last week, I finished reading “Samba-3 by Example. Practical exercises in successful Samba deployment” by John H. Terpstra.
Samba 3 by example
What makes this book worth reading is the approach that the author makes to the different configurations of a Samba network depending on the users’ requisites, the available hardware and the expertise of the sysadmin. He starts with a basic Samba installation on a simple network, with a few users and no security and he evolves this study case until it reaches advanced topics like migrations from Windows and NetWare networks to Samba or integrating Samba with Microsoft’s Active Directory).

I strongly recommend this book if you are a Samba sysadmin or you are thinking about deploying Samba on your network, because it contains many tips and ideas to design your Samba network or improve your existing one.

You can download it (PDF format) from here for free.


The Humble Indie Bundle

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As I did on this previous post, I’d like to support this cross-platform games initiative called “The Humble Indie Bundle“. It sells 5 cross-platform games (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac) and you can pay whatever you want for them. You can even choose if you want to donate part of the money (or all of it) to Child’s Play charity or Electronic Frontier Foundation.

I think it’s worth it.

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