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How to automatically start KVM virtual machines on boot

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Description: when you have a host machine running KVM and it runs several guests (virtual machines), it’s very useful to make them start on boot so that you don’t have to start them manually.

Just execute the following command for each guest you want to autostart on boot: virsh autostart guest_name .


How to synchonize your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop with a NTP server

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Description: On my previous post, I explained how to install and configure a NTP server on your local network. Now I’m going to explain how to synchronize an Ubuntu 10.04 computer with your local NTP server.

Installation: apt-get install ntpdate


  1. Create the file /etc/cron.d/ntpdate.cron with the following content (modifying “your-ntp-server” with the name or IP address of your NTP server):
    15 */1 * * * root /usr/sbin/ntpdate your-ntp-server &> /dev/null
  2. This will synchronize your computer’s clock with the NTP server every hour. If you want to increase the synchronization period, increase the “/1”. For example: Use 15 */6 * * * root /usr/sbin/ntpdate your-ntp-server &> /dev/null to synchronize your computer’s clock every 6 hours.
  3. Set the proper owner and permissions for the created file: chmod 600 /etc/cron.d/ntpdate.cron && chown root:root /etc/cron.d/ntpdate.cron

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