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Although I’m not the social network type, I’ve become a member of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site based on the six degrees of separation idea. I was quite surprised of finding lots of classmates, teachers and workmates there. I even got my first contact (a former classmate) on my first day!.

I hope it will help me to keep in touch with them and maybe to receive job offers when needed. You can view my profile here (only in Spanish, so far) :


Happy New Year!

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I wish everybody a Happy New Year! I won’t make any prediction for this new year, but I think it will be a great year.

One of the first things I’m planning to do in 2009 is buying a new PC, because my computer is dying slowly…


Spam on comments

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Due to the great amount of spam on this blog’s comments and after a global clean up, I’ve decided to filter the comments before publishing them. This doesn’t mean any kind of censorship on the comments’ content, just a human-based spam filter.

I’m not very happy about this measure, but the lack of a proper captcha system to filter spam on comments in Livejournal leaves me no choice 😦


Happy new year!

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First of all, I’d like to wish everybody a happy new year!

Today, I finished reading “A clockwork orange” (the 21-chapter version). IMHO, it’s quite better than Kubrick’s film, because the 21st chapter is important to understand the book properly

A clockwork orange

Lately, I’ve been learning a bit of Ruby, but I haven’t had much time, so it’s a “work in progress” activity. It looks promising and it has some nice features, so maybe I make up my mind to learn a bit of Ruby on Rails


2007 is here!

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I wish you a happy new year 2007! Maybe this year we can achieve more thing like this one:

Eliminate DRM!
Protect your freedom!


At last I have my own Hackergotchi!

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Finally, I found some time to spend on this. I hope it will be included in Planet Gnome Hispano. It’s not too bad for my first Hackergotchi…

My own Hackergotchi

Marry Christmas!


Planeta Gnome Hispano inclusion

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My blog has been added to Planeta Gnome Hispano, so I would like to greet all the people there. Thanks to Carlos García Campos for adding my blog to the planet.

I have read its feeds for a long time and now I can’t believe that my feed is there too! 🙂 .

I hope my blog will contribute to the Gnome community and people will enjoy it.

I haven’t made my hackergotchi yet, but I promise you I will made it soon.


First entry

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Hi! This is the first entry of my blog!

Although I’m Spanish, I’ve decided to write it in English to improve my English and to let everybody read it.

I’m going to write about computers, programming, my hobbies and all the important things that happen to me.

That’s all for my first post.

See you soon!

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