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The Mystery of the Bewitched Crypt

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Today, I finished reading “The Mystery of the Bewitched Crypt” by Eduardo Mendoza.

The Mystery of the Bewitched Crypt

It is quite hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot. It is completely different from “The Truth about the Savolta Case”, his previous (and first) book. I think I will read more books by Eduardo Mendoza as I enjoy a lot the way he writes.


C# and Mono

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I was curious to know what the Mono project is all about, so yesterday I read the basic documentation they have on their web. I found it interesting, so today I started reading this book:

Mono kick start

It’s a bit old (2003) for the current state of Mono, but it’s quite good. I will have to code some programs for my concurrent programming subject in several programming languages, so after C and Java, I will try C# using Mono and test its compatibility with the Windows .NET framework. Let’s see what happens…



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Well, tomorrow I’m going to Santiago de Compostela by train (a 7,5 hours journey). Maybe I will make the most of the journey and I will finish reading the book I’m using to learn how IPv6 works for my dissertation:

IPv6 essentials

I will return by the end of this month and I will start working on my dissertation. I don’t know if I will be able to connect to the Internet, so if anyone wants to get in touch with me, just make me a phone call 😉

See you soon and enjoy the summer.

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