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Paypal & Wikipedia

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I finally have a PayPal account. I’m a bit distrustful about it, but I wanted to donate some money to the Wikipedia Fundraising Campaign, so I found a proper reason to get an account.

I donated 10€. It’s not a big amount of money, but it’s my little contribution to the project and a way to thank all the people who make it possible.

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Many changes

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Much time without blogging (since May, 18th). Many changes in my life left me no spare time to blog, so I’ll try to sum them up:

  • University: I finished my degree in Computer Science Engineering (“Ingeniero en Informática” in Spanish). I got quite good marks, specially in the final project for my major about IPv6 deployment. I want to go on studying, so I’m starting a Master in advanced networking and multimedia contents on October at the UNED.
  • Work: I started working as a GNU/Linux sysadmin on July. I have already set up a Nagios monitoring system and I’m planning to do some clustering stuff at work.
  • WhyFLOSS conference (Madrid): I gave a lecture on IPv6 deployment both using a tunnel and a Dual stack approach. You can get the PDF file here (in Spanish)
  • Conduit: I’ve coded some patches [ 1 , 2 ] to add initial N800 sync support to Conduit. It just syncs N800’s backup files, but support for music and video files is coming.


C# and Mono

Filed under: Books, Free Software — acidborg @ 20:25

I was curious to know what the Mono project is all about, so yesterday I read the basic documentation they have on their web. I found it interesting, so today I started reading this book:

Mono kick start

It’s a bit old (2003) for the current state of Mono, but it’s quite good. I will have to code some programs for my concurrent programming subject in several programming languages, so after C and Java, I will try C# using Mono and test its compatibility with the Windows .NET framework. Let’s see what happens…


Hacker culture

Filed under: Free Software, Studies — acidborg @ 23:49

Although it can sound weird (not for me, but for the rest of my classmates), a seminar about hacker culture, free software, software patents and related topics has started at the faculty.

In the first classes, we’ve been talking about hacker culture and we were told to read the article “How to become a hacker” by Eric S. Raymond. I had already read it, but it was funny to read it again, specially if you are told to read it at the faculty!

I hope this seminar will continue with the same approach, because I love this kind of topics and the way they are discussed so far.

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2007 is here!

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I wish you a happy new year 2007! Maybe this year we can achieve more thing like this one:

Eliminate DRM!
Protect your freedom!


No free software contest for me this year

Filed under: Free Software — acidborg @ 14:03

I was thinking about taking part in the first university free software contest. I had already a half-designed project, but since I have already started my Final Project and I’m in my last year of my degree in computer science, I’ve thought it over and I’ve decided not to take part in it.

Contest banner

I encourage everybody interested in free software to take part in it (of course if they have time).

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