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N810 on the way!

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Just for one-liner lovers 😛


Back from San Sebastián

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Last weekend I went to San Sebastián to attend a Gnome meeting there. Death Master, Alberto, Jesmar and Valentín came too and we had a pretty geek weekend (Thanks for all, Rachel!).

It was my first contact with the Spanish Gnome Community and the experience was quite exciting. At first, I was a bit lost, because I was almost the only one there without a laptop, but the talks about Gnome as a semantic desktop, GIT and GIO/GVFS were very interesting. On Sunday, I couldn’t attend the morning talks because San Sebastian at night was enormous, but we went sightseeing (Photos not available, sorry) and enjoyed it a lot.

It’s a pity I can’t attend the HispaLinux Congress this year, but I hope I’ll be at 5th Guadec in Madrid next year.

Some photos of the meeting can be found here (thanks to Alvaro del Castillo).


N810 maemo submission accepted

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Congratulations! You have been accepted to the N810 maemo device
program. We will send your discount and instructions as soon as the
device is available in your selected shop (soon).


N810 announced

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Nokia, a developer’s discount would be very nice of yours… 🙂


Patch accepted

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Today, the patch I wrote some months ago was accepted in Conduit 0.3.4:

From Conduit’s 0.3.4 changelog:

2007-08-23 John Stowers
* conduit/Hal.py: Add n800 detection to Hal. patch from Jaime
Frutos Morales

I’m glad to see that my work is not useless and that patches got merged eventually 🙂


Many changes

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Much time without blogging (since May, 18th). Many changes in my life left me no spare time to blog, so I’ll try to sum them up:

  • University: I finished my degree in Computer Science Engineering (“Ingeniero en Informática” in Spanish). I got quite good marks, specially in the final project for my major about IPv6 deployment. I want to go on studying, so I’m starting a Master in advanced networking and multimedia contents on October at the UNED.
  • Work: I started working as a GNU/Linux sysadmin on July. I have already set up a Nagios monitoring system and I’m planning to do some clustering stuff at work.
  • WhyFLOSS conference (Madrid): I gave a lecture on IPv6 deployment both using a tunnel and a Dual stack approach. You can get the PDF file here (in Spanish)
  • Conduit: I’ve coded some patches [ 1 , 2 ] to add initial N800 sync support to Conduit. It just syncs N800’s backup files, but support for music and video files is coming.


N800 flashed

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I had some trouble with my N800, so today I decided to flash it. In 10 minutes I downloaded the flasher and the new firmware. Following the instructions to flash my N800 in Linux, it just took a couple of minutes to flash the device.

It seems that the new firmware has solved my problems, so I’m very happy with the easy flashing process and its results 😉


UPnP plugin for Rhythmbox

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Lately, I’ve been listening to MP3 files via UPnP on my N800. Unfortunately, I have to run an UPnP media server on my PC, choose the music directories to share and wait for the files to be loaded into the UPnP shared library (this takes a long time if you have many days of music stored in your HD).

Although there are good media servers out there (Ushare, Gmediaserver, Fuppes, etc), I don’t want to use them for this task, because I already have my music library created inside Rhythmbox. Because of that, I’ve started coding an UPnP plugin for Rhythmbox based on libupnp.

It will be similar to the DAAP plugin, but using UPnP Protocol instead. I’ve already done the “create media server” and “destroy media server” part, but it doesn’t share any music yet.

I hope that starting so many projects recently doesn’t mean that they will be left unfinished… Let’s see.


Porting isn’t trivial

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I have been trying to port Gossip to the Maemo platform, but maybe this port will have to wait until Gtk 2.10 and Glib 2.12 are ported to the Maemo platform because Gossip has hard dependencies on these two libraries.

Loudmouth (Jabber library used by Gossip) is already ported to Maemo and porting libgossip is trivial, but the rest of code can’t be ported without an almost rewrite of the code so, for now, I’ll wait and see what happens with the GTK 2.10 and Glib 2.12 porting.

On the other hand, I’ve made some progress with Arousa, although I haven’t publish any code yet. I’ve been thinking about using a pickle implementation or a SQLite one, but finally I’ve decided to use the SQLite implementation because gtk.Treeview can’t be pickled directly and because the SQLite implementation allows to view and query Arosa’s dictionaries from outside of Arousa.


Just one word to describe the Nokia N800: Amazing!

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I’m amazed with my brand new Nokia N800. I haven’t tested much its connectivity and the web browser because there are no wireless connections where I am now, but the other of things work fine for me 😀

I’ve just applied for a project page in garage.maemo.org to host my Maemo port of Gossip.

I’ve also started a python “foreign vocabulary studying tool” for Maemo. Well, it’s not a completely new application because I wrote most of it during last summer. I’m porting it to Maemo and adding more features because it isn’t finished. I hope I can publish a first release by the end of this month.

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