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Setting up maemo SDK

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After many attemps, finally I achieved to set up the maemo SDK. It wasn’t easy because my Linux runs on an AMD64 and scratchbox (The cross-compilation toolkit used by maemo) doesn’t support x86_64 architecture, so I had to create a chrooted x86 environment to install scratchbox. I follow the instructions of this HOWTO and Nokia’s instructions and it works fine.

Mandatory screenshot of maemo SDK using ARM emulation:

Maemo SDK using ARM emulation


Nokia N800 coming soon…

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I’m one of the lucky developers who has won a 300€ discount to buy a Nokia N800 due to the Nokia Developer Device Program (so I will buy it for 99€ instead of 399€). I have already ordered mine, so in 3 days time I hope I will be playing with it 🙂 . It runs the Maemo platform (Linux & GTK+), in other words, the computer technologies I love!

As soon as I get used to the N800 and how to program it, I will start porting Gossip over Telepathy to the Maemo platform, but it will have to wait until I finish my February exams…

More about the Nokia N800 soon…


CC license viewer included in Gnome 2.17

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Yeah! Finally, CC license viewer has been included in the Gnome 2.17 release of epiphany-extensions. It has been reviewed and optimized by Jean-François Rameau (thank you again)

Here is the Changelog:

2006-10-10 Jean-François Rameau

* extensions/cc-license-viewer/cc-license-viewer.py:
* extensions/cc-license-viewer/cc-license-viewer.ephy-extension.in:

New extension. Shows the Creative Commons license of the current website if available.
Created by Jaime Frutos Morales

I feel so happy to contribute to the Gnome Community with my code 😀 .


Playing with autotools

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I have started to work on a GTK-based GUI for tracker. It has no name yet, so ideas for the name are welcome 🙂 .

The problem appeared when I had to add new dependencies to the CVS sources. I have worked before with autotools before for a Bluetooth Manager prototype for the Google’s Summer of Code 2006.Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected 😦 .The problem was that I didn’t remember how to do it. IMHO configure.in is a hell and no one should ever have to deal with it.

So I had to read again the documentation and ask in IRC channels for help because I wanted to add a conditional dependency and that was different from the mandatory dependencies I have handled before.

Finally, I managed to do it and I sent a patch to Jamie McCracken (tracker’s main developer) to add it to the CVS version. I hope it will be included soon, so the GTK-based GUI is on the way. It’s planned to be ready for the next Gnome module inclusion, but let’s see.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell that Epiphany Creative Commons license viewer is close to its inclusion in the next Epiphany-extension release. More news soon!


Brand new version of CC Search handler for deskbar-applet

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I wasn’t happy with the CC Search handler I coded for deskbar-applet. It showed 3 handlers instead of only one, so I worked on adding a preferences dialog to choose the kind of content to search for (webs or images). It also allows to choose the kind of license to look for.

Here are some screenshots:

CC Search v0.2

CC Search v0.2 (Preferences dialog)

I think it’s more “Gnomish” and I prefer it that way 🙂

You can download it from here. I’ve moved all info about the installation to the CreativeCommons’ wiki so it can be found here.

Enjoy it!


Gnome-Creative Commons integration code repository

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I’ve created a code repository at google to upload all pieces of code (patches, plugins, etc) which are useful to the Gnome-Creative Commons integration. So far, I’ve uploaded my Epiphany cc-license viewer extension and my Deskbar-applet CC-search handler.

If you have any patch or piece of code which could be useful for the integration, send it to me (only GPL code accepted).


Creative Commons search handler for deskbar-applet

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I was bored this afternoon, so I coded a handler for deskbar-applet.

Mandatory screenshot:
cc-search handler in action

To install it:

  • Download it
  • Untar the downloaded file: tar xvfz cc-search.tar.gz
  • Copy it to your deskbar-applet handlers directory: cp cc-search.py cc.png $HOME/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers
  • Restart deskbar-applet
  • Go to the “Preferences” menu and load the handlers by clicking on the checkbox next to them
  • Start searching for CC licensed webs and images

This is a little part of the Gnome & Creative Commons integration project, but with little efforts like this, a complete integration would be managed soon.


Gnome & Creative Commons integration

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I have created a wiki page at Creative Commons about how to achieve the Gnome and Creative Commons licenses integration.

It’s just a draft, but I think it’s a good starting point to aim for it. I have sent a mail to Gnome’s desktop-devel-list to announce it.

I hope it is a useful act to spread Creative Commons ideas.

Patch rejected

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My first gnome-love patch was rejected (well, actually I wrote 2 patches for this bug). It seems that the way I implement it wasn’t the right way of doing it. It was my fault, because the bug was opened on 2004 and I didn’t ask the dev list how to fix it before coding.

I’m a little bit disappointed because I spent many hours on it, but I’ve learned from my mistake.

Maybe next time.

I’m preparing a bug fix release of my RAE’s dictionary deskbar-applet handler with accents support (for the ones who have problems with them, because it works nice for me) and with bad-typed words correction.


CC license viewer positive comments

Filed under: GNOME, Python — acidborg @ 13:59

I have received some positive comments about my CC license viewer extension for Epiphany, like the one from Luis Villa and the ones received on my blog’s comments. Thanks for your comments and impressions.

I also received greetings from the Creative Commons crew. They encouraged me to add my extension to their Browser plugins wiki page and they even made a wiki page only for my extension. Thanks guys!

They have offered me to migrate my extension to their Source Forge‘s project and I agreed because a blog is not the right place to manage releases and patches.

I’ll announce here the place where the new releases will me made as soon as I’m included in their Sourceforge’s project.

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