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Wikipedia’s 2009 fund-raising campaign

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Wikipedia’s 2009 fund-raising campaign has started. I have already donated some money, as I did last year. I encourage every Wikipedia reader to do the same if we want to support and maintain it.


I hate traffic jams…

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I’m back from my “little” holidays in Galicia. I had to drive for 9 hours and a half, when usually the journey back only takes me 7 hours or less. The reason for this is that I was stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours and a half… I don’t think I will fancy driving for a long time 😦


I’m back

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I’m back after solving my problems with my ADSL connection and my computer. I bought an AMD64 3800+ because my “old” AMD 2600+ died.

I’d like to thank my great friend Death Master for his hardware knowledge and time. I hope I’ll have more time to blog now 😛 .

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