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How to install and use Fabric on Ubuntu 9.10

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From its web: “Fabric is a Python library and command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks. More specifically, Fabric is:

  • A tool that lets you execute arbitrary Python functions via the command line;
  • A library of subroutines (built on top of a lower-level library) to make executing shell commands over SSH easy and Pythonic.

Naturally, most users combine these two things, using Fabric to write and execute Python functions, or tasks, to automate interactions with remote servers.


  1. Download the package from here
  2. Install it: sudo dpkg -i fabric*.deb


  1. Follow this short tutorial to learn the basics.
  2. Create a file called fabfile.py
  3. Fill it with your customized functions. For Example:
    from fabric.api import env, run, sudo
    env.hosts = ['ubuntu1', 'ubuntu2', 'ubuntu3']
    def upgrade_hosts():
    sudo('apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ')
  4. Run fabric: fab upgrade_hosts

I find Fabric very useful and time-saving when maintaining similar servers, because you can design a task and run it automatically on all the servers.


Patch accepted

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Today, the patch I wrote some months ago was accepted in Conduit 0.3.4:

From Conduit’s 0.3.4 changelog:

2007-08-23 John Stowers
* conduit/Hal.py: Add n800 detection to Hal. patch from Jaime
Frutos Morales

I’m glad to see that my work is not useless and that patches got merged eventually 🙂


Many changes

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Much time without blogging (since May, 18th). Many changes in my life left me no spare time to blog, so I’ll try to sum them up:

  • University: I finished my degree in Computer Science Engineering (“Ingeniero en Informática” in Spanish). I got quite good marks, specially in the final project for my major about IPv6 deployment. I want to go on studying, so I’m starting a Master in advanced networking and multimedia contents on October at the UNED.
  • Work: I started working as a GNU/Linux sysadmin on July. I have already set up a Nagios monitoring system and I’m planning to do some clustering stuff at work.
  • WhyFLOSS conference (Madrid): I gave a lecture on IPv6 deployment both using a tunnel and a Dual stack approach. You can get the PDF file here (in Spanish)
  • Conduit: I’ve coded some patches [ 1 , 2 ] to add initial N800 sync support to Conduit. It just syncs N800’s backup files, but support for music and video files is coming.


pyTagger – Tagging MP3 files

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Sometimes I look at my playlist and it’s ugly because MP3 tags are blank or incorrect. This is specially awful in Rhythmbox, which creates different artists and albums if the ID3 tags are in lowercase, uppercase or mixed. To fix this, I’ve coded a little python script this afternoon called pyTagger.

Now, I just have to run it being in the directory where the MP3s I want to tag are, choose between changing the artist and/or the album and enter its name. It just modifies all MP3 file’s ID3 tags with the artist and/or album I’ve just typed!. There are some MP3 files which it can’t modify due to dependencies issues, but it’s good enough for what I wanted.

You can download it from here. Enjoy it! 🙂


Python challenge

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Yesterday I found Python Challenge and it’s a real vice! I recommend it both for beginners and experts because there’s more than Python programming on each level 😛


CC license viewer included in Gnome 2.17

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Yeah! Finally, CC license viewer has been included in the Gnome 2.17 release of epiphany-extensions. It has been reviewed and optimized by Jean-François Rameau (thank you again)

Here is the Changelog:

2006-10-10 Jean-François Rameau

* extensions/cc-license-viewer/cc-license-viewer.py:
* extensions/cc-license-viewer/cc-license-viewer.ephy-extension.in:

New extension. Shows the Creative Commons license of the current website if available.
Created by Jaime Frutos Morales

I feel so happy to contribute to the Gnome Community with my code 😀 .


Brand new version of CC Search handler for deskbar-applet

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I wasn’t happy with the CC Search handler I coded for deskbar-applet. It showed 3 handlers instead of only one, so I worked on adding a preferences dialog to choose the kind of content to search for (webs or images). It also allows to choose the kind of license to look for.

Here are some screenshots:

CC Search v0.2

CC Search v0.2 (Preferences dialog)

I think it’s more “Gnomish” and I prefer it that way 🙂

You can download it from here. I’ve moved all info about the installation to the CreativeCommons’ wiki so it can be found here.

Enjoy it!


Gnome-Creative Commons integration code repository

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I’ve created a code repository at google to upload all pieces of code (patches, plugins, etc) which are useful to the Gnome-Creative Commons integration. So far, I’ve uploaded my Epiphany cc-license viewer extension and my Deskbar-applet CC-search handler.

If you have any patch or piece of code which could be useful for the integration, send it to me (only GPL code accepted).


Creative Commons search handler for deskbar-applet

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I was bored this afternoon, so I coded a handler for deskbar-applet.

Mandatory screenshot:
cc-search handler in action

To install it:

  • Download it
  • Untar the downloaded file: tar xvfz cc-search.tar.gz
  • Copy it to your deskbar-applet handlers directory: cp cc-search.py cc.png $HOME/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers
  • Restart deskbar-applet
  • Go to the “Preferences” menu and load the handlers by clicking on the checkbox next to them
  • Start searching for CC licensed webs and images

This is a little part of the Gnome & Creative Commons integration project, but with little efforts like this, a complete integration would be managed soon.


CC license viewer positive comments

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I have received some positive comments about my CC license viewer extension for Epiphany, like the one from Luis Villa and the ones received on my blog’s comments. Thanks for your comments and impressions.

I also received greetings from the Creative Commons crew. They encouraged me to add my extension to their Browser plugins wiki page and they even made a wiki page only for my extension. Thanks guys!

They have offered me to migrate my extension to their Source Forge‘s project and I agreed because a blog is not the right place to manage releases and patches.

I’ll announce here the place where the new releases will me made as soon as I’m included in their Sourceforge’s project.

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